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The base fee for services in Alley-arch is Rp. 15.000,00 / m2 (*) vast of building.
With that cost, costumer will get :


-Planning drawing (50 %), including :
·Drawing of site plan
·Drawing e of furniture layout sketch
·Face of house drawing (front side, side and back side)
·Cross section drawing
·Perspective 3D color picture (several view)


-Work drawing / Blue Print (30 %), including :
·Structure plan drawing (foundation, concrete and bar detail)
·Detail drawing of exterior building
·Electrical planning drawing (lamp points and stop contacts placement)
·Sanitation plan drawing (clean, dirty water network and detail of septic tank)
·Detail of plafond drawing
·Floor pattern plan drawing
·Cushion plan drawing (cushion placement, detail of cushion type, door and   window)


-Cost estimation (20 %), including :
·Cost estimation (cost to each job item and total cost)
·Calculation of materials need (materials total that need)


-If the costumers wish for non complete package, for example only interest at drawing planning, detail of fee will be calculated for each m2 as follows :
·Planning drawing                     50 % x Rp. 15.000,00   : Rp.  7.500,00
·Planning drawing and blue print 80 % xRp. 15.000,00   : Rp.  12.000,00
(*) For abroad costumers, there will be addition cost for mailing the package.

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