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Before make a transaction, firstly we need some of data to design the building, such as :
1.    Sketch of the land including footage x wide, north direction       and land position   toward the land.
2.    Space need data (for special things, can sends desirable house       sketch)
3.    Vast desirable building (to determine how big the house will       be built)
4.    Model / desirable house style (can also be enclosed house photo or picture that can be made inspiration source)
5.    For renovation project, please enclose existing building photos and room layout along with the size of the room.
6.    And also, please enclose your identities such as : name, address and telephone number that can be contacted latter.

Those data is needed to make us easy to translate your willing, so finally the customer will get house design that can fulfill their need and has visual display that represent their spirit.

Then, sent the data to
alley.arch (at)

After we get the data, we will design your house and send it by Email.

Flow chart consultation process:
1.    After receive the data, we will send work contract letter as agreement sign.  Besides work contract letter, we will make design proposal shaped sketch drawing along with the design concept. After work contract mail is approved, we will ask down price as big as 30 % from design total cost.

2.    Furthermore, we will continue to make as planned drawing based on our sketch drawing proposal.  If the design is approved, we will ask 40 % from total design cost.

3.    Afterwards we continue to make as built drawing (blue print).  If the drawing has been sent, we will ask 20 % from total design cost.

4.    Based on blue print, we will continue to calculate cost estimation. If it sent, we will ask 10 % from design total cost.

5.    All pictures is sent in jpeg format and sent by Email and consultation process will be done by telephone.

6.    If payment has paid, all products (blue print in A3 paper format, 3d perspective in A4 glossy paper format, cost estimation with A4 format with compact disk that containing all data) those package will be sent to your address.