Planning service:


planning or design service will give service to customer by translating from customer willing in building form as desirable in the form of picture, both individual and commercial building. Alley arch give comprehensive services in the exterior building and interior building planning. The final planning product such as: planning drawing, blue print, 3D perspective drawing cost estimation and structure calculation.
By this service, customer will have better building imagination that will be built later and have cost estimation so the costumer can prepare fund to realize the planned building. Besides, the rule to get permission establishes building also obligate to append planning drawing.
Construction service:


Construction service or generally is called as contactor have a duty as trusted by customer to do development process. Alley arch give alternative contract system, which is total fee and cost and fee systems. Total fee system is a contract system that make a cost deal before the project held and total construction cost include in tender value. While cost and fee contract system is a system that the customer payment based on cost that uses by contractor (based on percentage). Supported by solid team work and huge supplier network, alley arch can give competitive and negotiable price to customer.
By this service, customer unnecessary think about development process, the costumer only need to wait until building finished (taking over key). Besides planning and construction that done by one side, for certain development result will be matching as the planned.
Supervision service:


If the development process done by costumer self or do by other party (contractor), alley arch give supervision service intensively during development process. Alley arch have responsibility to ascertain building is done as the planning.
With this service, customer will get appropriate development result as the planning, although development process is done self.

Planning, Construction and Supervision